Onsite Interpretation

Our professional interpreters, right by your side, turn every conversation into a seamless exchange of ideas, even in the most complex or sensitive scenarios. Make your conversations more meaningful without the challenges of language and cultural barriers.

  • Easy scheduling thorough our online platform
  • Local Professional Qualified Interpreters
  • 15 most common languages
  • Best option for highly sensitive sessions, group conversations, lengthy processes, and educational settings.

Scheduled Video Interpretation

While nothing replaces face-to-face interaction, our flexible video interpretation transcends boundaries, capturing the essence of in-person communication through innovative technology. Seamlessly conquer logistical challenges while staying connected.

  • Easy scheduling through our online platform
  • Professional Qualified Interpreters
  • Top 30 most common languages fully supported
  • Best option for sensitive sessions when an onsite interpreter is not available
  • Ability to request a preferred interpreter for continuity of services
  • No traveling costs

VRI (Video Remote Interpretation)

VRI is a viable, cost-effective option when there is an immediate need for language support or when an onsite interpretation session is not feasible nor practical.

  • Professional qualified interpreters
  • Real time language access
  • Access from any computer or laptop
  • Access on mobile devices with an application
  • Per minute charges
  • Allows for a more personal approach

OPI (Over the Phone Interpretation)

OPI is a viable, cost-effective option for short and simple conversations. Ideal for reminders, scheduling appointments and quick consultations.

  • Professional Qualified Interpreters
  • Real time language access
  • Access 24/7
  • Access from any computer or laptop
  • Access on mobile devices with an application
  • Access from land lines/regular phones
  • Per minute charges


Unlock the power of global connectivity as our expert translators meticulously preserve the integrity and precision of your content enabling you to connect and engage with diverse audiences.

At HIT services, we excel in delivering qualified, professional, and confidential translations in different languages. From personal and business documents to legal and academic materials, we’re here to enable you to effectively communicate with non-English speakers.


What we translate


IEPs, transcripts, evaluation reports, reevaluation reviews, school guidelines, school communications, etc.


birth, marriage, death certificates, diplomas, certifications, curriculums, letters, etc.


invoices, bank statements, employee manuals, safety manuals


contracts, agreements, court sentences/ health care documents: diagnosis, tests results, medical histories, etc.


At HIT Services, we go beyond providing language services – we help you succeed by creating inclusive and culturally aware spaces. Our training programs shed light on the importance of language access and understanding different cultures. Discover the power of smooth cross-cultural communication, giving your team the skills to connect with diverse audiences. With our help, you will build understanding, making every interaction a chance to bring people together and promote inclusivity.

Our programs


Language Access and Compliance


Using language services effectively


How to work with interpreters


Effective communication 


Working with the Hispanic community


Working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals