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Empower Patients and eliminate communication barriers:

Care, Connect & Promote Patient Autonomy

Communication is an essential part of comprehensive care. The ability of providers to listen, be compassionate, and clearly explain diagnosis and treatments to their patients has a deep effect on their experience of care and especially health outcomes.

Partnering with HIT Services will help you communicate with patients in their language, allowing them to fully understand information related to their health and enabling them to make informed decisions and be active participants in their healthcare.

We offer a complete language solution for both Spoken Languages and American Sign Language in healthcare settings, which includes:

Interpretation Services (Onsite, Remote and On Demand)

  • Appointments
  • Consults
  • Procedures
  • Surgeries

Translation of Documents

  • Intake Forms
  • Consent Forms
  • Medical Records
  • Medical Directives
  • Care Plans

Consulting Programs

  • Cultural Competency
  • Language Access
  • Effective collaboration with professional interpreters and translators