Who We Are

“Our mission is to connect businesses and organizations to the people they serve, by bridging the language and cultural divide”

In today’s globalized world, people from different cultures live side by side in our communities. HIT Services provides comprehensive language services geared to help organizations and businesses advance in our diverse and globalized society.

By integrating interpretation and translation services in over 30 languages with cultural competency and diversity awareness, HIT Services provides the tools that allow our customers to successfully create and maintain diverse and inclusive environments, as well as to comply with equal access laws.

2017 National Minority Supplier Development Council MBE Certification2017 National Minority Supplier Development Council MBE Certification

HIT Services was founded by Jeannette Houchens, a Certified Medical Interpreter (CMI-Spanish) and a SC Certified Court Interpreter, from Colombia, South America. Jeannette recognized while working as a freelance interpreter the crucial need for better language services that combine linguistic expertise with cultural and diversity awareness.  Services that are geared not only to help providers meet legal requirements, but to provide a solution that increases effective communication, and bridges the cultural divide.

Since 2010, HIT Services has served different public and private organizations, including comprehensive health care systems, private medical practices, courts, non-profit organizations, school districts, and private companies.  We continue to build our customer base, guided by the desire to help our customers succeed in their efforts to serve their diverse clients and become more competitive.

In recent years, HIT Services has focused its attention on the advancing of the interpretation industry in SC by supporting interpreters in their efforts to obtain training and certification. We have become the testing site for CCHI (Certification Commission for Health Care Interpreters), allowing interpreters in SC to have access to the opportunity of achieving certification. At the same time, we have also opened our doors to ASL interpreters (American Sign Language) to be able to take their performance test and become Certified Interpreters.