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From birth to death, the course of life is recorded on essential documents. Whether it’s applying for a driver’s license or obtaining school transcripts, our translators bridge the gap between people and paperwork. We also translate personal letters that hold significant meaning.

SC Driver's License

Have a driver’s license from another country and need to obtain one in South Carolina? In addition to the documentation required for U.S. citizens, South Carolina requires specific documents to be completed and submitted at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A translator is required in order to prepare these documents.

  1. The DMV requires a certified translation of your driver’s license issued in another country. This includes international licenses that are in English. A certified translation includes a notarized certificate of accuracy.
  2. The certified translation must be accompanied by a completed 4030 Translation form with the translator's original signature. The DMV will not accept a copy of this form. The translator is required by the state of South Carolina to be an accredited translator.
  3. A letter of verification must be provided by the translator’s employer qualifying him/her as a translator.
  4. If your license from another country does not specify the types of vehicles you are licensed to drive, a translator's note must include a description of the different license types in that country. 

These guidelines also apply when renewing a South Carolina license if you are not a U.S. citizen and your original license is from another country.

*Not all DMV offices issue licenses and IDs for international customers.  There are 21 branches in South Carolina that will do this. To find a branch click here.  Be sure to filter your search to international customers. 

docxPrint This Checklist Before Going to the DMV:

  • Certified translation of your driver's license
  • 4030 Translation Document completed by the translator
  • Letter of verification qualifying the translator
  • If necessary, translator’s note with description of the license types in country of issue


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