Sight Translation: Where Interpretation and Translation Meet

Webinar Link: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/sight-translation-where

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“Thank you so much for arranging live webinar by HIT service. This is my first one. It is very useful and interesting information for us. It will help us a lot. I would recommend to you arranging more in the future. Thank you.” – Moonvku P., Interpreter

“Thank you HIT Services for the chance to participate in their “Sight Translation: Where Interpretation and Translation Meet” training session this past Wednesday (07-10-2018).
There are limited opportunities available to learn about sight translation. Thanks to Eric and Jeannette I was able to get a different perspective and guidelines on how to improve and deliver an accurate short document translation on site. They also reinforced the concept of what documents and forms are OK to be sight translated and when an interpreter must step back.
The training was extensive and included a variety of examples. The poll invited participants to share their views and the chat section was busy with ideas and opinions. This is the way a professional training should be: interaction between participants and trainers.
As always HIT professionals encouraged interpreters to continue self-evaluating their work and to envision a service of TRUE quality.” – Monica R., Interpreter

“I really enjoyed the Webinar... It was informative and beneficial ... Shining the light on something we don't talk about it that much. You are very talented and very humble at the same time. Thank you so much for offering me this opportunity.” – Abeer O., Interpreter

“I really enjoyed watching and hearing all the information shared in the webinar. A lot of my doubts were answered. I especially liked when the different documents were shown, and we were allowed to answer whether or not the documents should be sight translated. I really appreciate all the clarification on all those different sceneries/documents.

Looking forward to the next webinar!” – Karen P., Interpreter